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sleepy-demon: sailoryue: deluxetrashqueen: deluxetrashqu - Mad Dogs and Englishmen [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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sleepy-demon: sailoryue: deluxetrashqueen: deluxetrashqu [Jan. 11th, 2019|05:15 pm]
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It’s incredible. There are very few things that really define a comic book character that stay consistent over the years. Things that are so central that they are prevalent from the very first appearances. The biggest ones for Eddie are “trouble admitting his own mistakes/blaming others”, “loving his symbiote” and “having a huge soft spot for kids”

and somehow Crates has managed, without a hint of irony, to erase and even totally reverse every single one of those in less than a dozen issues.


Reblogging with my own commentary because I’m RIGHT and I should say it.

Wait. So I’m not reading Don’t Cares run, but he seriously makes Eddie hate kids??? Ffs I just read a page from idk what issue, but Venom explicitly makes sure to normalize his teeth because he doesn’t want to hurt/scare the “precious little angels” and saves a little girl from a clown???

(slight spoilers) The symbiote’s mind was wiped and rather than do everything he can think of to fix it, he spends some time crying and then turns it into a pitbull. He actually spends more time crying over Flash Thompson than over the symbiote. He starts calling it “dog,” like “good dog.” For reference, not even a year ago he was calling him “darling” and they had another kid together. Maybe he doesn’t want to admit that he’s lost him, so he pretends he’s not there?

Eddie has a younger brother he’s never met before who is a big fan of Venom and wants his help with something. Eddie would be cheering to find out he has fans, sign an autograph, pose in the Venom suit for costumes, but instead he says that his brother is annoying him with all of it. Eddie would usually jump to help a kid without even asking what he needed to do, but now he’s trying to get his brother to convince him. Maybe he’s scared to put on the suit again without the symbiote talking to him? But for what his brother’s asking, he wouldn’t even need the suit…

One theory is that the “death” of the symbiote actually caused some kind of personality change, but that doesn’t seem to be the case because Eddie’s been seperated from the symbiote before and didn’t change then.

As a comic book veteran and Magneto fan- we lived through Planet X, we can get through this. 

Planet X was the absolute nadir of Magneto representation. Like Cates x 1000. It was loathed from here to Mercury and the pretzels the following writers twisted themselves into to explain it away were fucking hilarious.

To make it brief- Grant Morrison made Magneto into a one dimensional, shitty villain and everyone hated it. 

The next run immediately backpedaled it into Magneto being mentally ill.

Then mindcontrolled.

Then, Chris Claremont* finally elbowed his way to the front of the line to make it clear this was just some shitty b-villain pretending to be Magneto and Magneto had been on the other side of the world in a coma at the time.

So yeah, now we can look back at Planet X and have a good laugh because no one gets pissed off like a comic writer who’s favorite creation’s been shat on, and Claremont was pissed.

So yeah guys, this too shall pass.

*Chris Claremont is the one who basically made Magneto. The character existed before, but as a crappy one note villain. Claremont was the one who made him Jewish and a Holocaust survivor, and he wrote some of the best X-men runs and characters.