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Checking up on fav artists for 2019: - Mad Dogs and Englishmen [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Checking up on fav artists for 2019: [Jan. 11th, 2019|12:20 pm]

via http://bit.ly/2FrTy15

Seal: W000t, new album!

AC/DC: *crickets for half a decade continues*

Bastille: Watch this space, new 2019 album announced.

Dr Steel: What happened to that guy?

Fever Ray: Nothing yet.

Florence and Machine: Ditto.

Imagine Dragons: Oh yeah, new stuff!

Iron Maiden: Oh well, take your time guys, we can wait.

Jimmy Eat World: Nada.

Kaiser Chiefs: What happened to these guys? Oh wait, I don’t care.

Lana Del Rey: ooh, new album this year.

Nickelback: Come on guys, it’s been *checks watch* twenty minutes since you’re last album, hurry up.

Queens of the Stone age: Nothing yet.

Rammstein: Holy shit you’ve actually finished the album???!! Wow, something to look forward to in April.

Rob Zombie: Not really about his music, I just really like the guy. He’s doing good.

Shinedown: ooh, new album!

Smashing Pumpkins: on one hand, they’re dickheads, on the other, new album.

The Offspring: Wow, 2019′s going to be big on music, happy to wait.

Okay, another year, more music.