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sassygaysatan: thatdiabolicalfeminist: sassygaysatan: sure, when my grandfather fought nazis and... - Mad Dogs and Englishmen [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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sassygaysatan: thatdiabolicalfeminist: sassygaysatan: sure, when my grandfather fought nazis and... [Jan. 9th, 2019|05:09 am]
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sure, when my grandfather fought nazis and fascism he was “a hero” and “on the right side of history” but when i do it im “way too sensitive” and “no better than they are”

That’s because when our white grandparents fought Nazis, it was for fear of them taking power away from other white people.

White Europeans and Americans were explicitly fine with genocide and the ideologies that led to it – a great many people, including Churchill, vocally supported most of what the Nazis were doing. Their only fight with Nazis was to maintain sovereignty from takeover.

Today’s Nazi-fighters usually have a problem with white supremacy and the antisemitism and racism etc behind it – which most of our white grandparents didn’t see a problem with and neither do many white people today.

This is why so many people don’t see any reason to stop the Nazis now, or why many others think it’s purely a struggle for Democrats or other neoliberal parties in other countries who might lose political power if they gain traction. Many people don’t see Nazis as a real problem unless they threaten the political power of other white people.

White supremacist organizations and movements have been a life-threatening scourge for people of colour and Jewish people this entire time. It’s really important that we focus on that as the real threat, or we risk having the same myopic perspective as generations past.

This was a great addition to my original post so I’m reblogging it.

This is so fucking funny because white people always suffer under white supremacists, it just takes a bit longer to get to them.


The white supermacist view is that everyone should adhere to an ideal (white, straight, male, cis, able bodied, gentile, etc) and everyone else should be exterminated. 

Here’s the fucking joke though.



You think they won’t come for you? There’s a reason that poem is so fucking apt. They’ll find something to get you with. Maybe you saluted a bit too slow. Maybe you don’t want to get married and have eight million kids, maybe you want some kind of regulation at your workplace that will keep you alive.

(Guess what, Nazis sent people to concentration camps for all of the above reasons)

Hey, let’s even set nazis aside for a minute. My stepdad grew up in apartheid south africa. He was white, able bodies, straight, etc. Should have been fine, right?

LOL no. He had the crap beaten out of him on the regular for having long hair and being a hippie. Because that just wasn’t ‘white’ enough in those days.

(he fucked off out of that hellhole the moment he was eighteen and hitchhiked to the UK. THE UK. HITCHHIKED. FROM SOUTH AFRICA.)

So if you see white supremacists out marching, remember. Even if they might not say it, THEY WANT TO KILL YOU. There want top see you beaten down and murdered. It doesn’t matter how white or cis or straight or male or whatever you are. THEY WANT YOU DEAD.