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deadcatwithaflamethrower: meabhair: aniseandspearmint: aniseandspearmint: so the us might get... - Mad Dogs and Englishmen [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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deadcatwithaflamethrower: meabhair: aniseandspearmint: aniseandspearmint: so the us might get... [Aug. 12th, 2017|11:32 am]

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so the us might get nuked by korea any day now, food prices are skyrocketing, everything’s prices are skyrocketing

and i just got told by the landladies that there is a very real chance both they and i (their renter) have a high chance of being eminent domained off the property we all live on

it’s like life looked at me and said ‘you clearly don’t have enough reasons to be terrified right now, lemme fix that’

i have no idea what i’m going to do if it happens

i have no paying job, i take care of my elderly mother full time so she doesn’t have to go to a shitty nursing home that’ll kill her in two days by not following her strict diet or mixing up her meds (experience talking here nursing homes are dickensian bullshit in my state unless you can afford a private one and even those aren’t that great)

we pay way less than one would normally pay for rent bc i do other things for the landladies like watch their dog and stuff there’s no way we can afford to live anywhere else in this shitty fucking state

we have no family to turn to anymore no friends that have any way to help 

we don’t even have a damn car to live in anymore

i just wanna scream and never fucking stop right now

UPDATE: So Landlady Two just talked to me, apparently the gas company that wants to put a line through the land around here just contacted their bank and tried to inquire about the loan they have on the house. Which, is kinda more than a little illegal, I think? The inquiry part anyway.

The bank refused, since their loan is not the kind that a third part can purchase (thank god), but it looks like they are def going to try and take the property.

They don’t plan on going quietly. This land has been in Landlady One’s family for nearly a hundred years. This is their home. They say they might, might have considered selling if they were to be paid what the property is actually worth plus an amount paid to their renters for relocation (yes, that would be me and my mother, bless them for the thought) but this company does not plan to offer them anywhere near what the property is worth.

SO I need some help. Can I please get this signal boosted to hell and back?

I need information on what a person can do to fight being eminent domained out of house and home. I need to know who they, and I, can contact to at least give these bastards a fight.

Every possible angle, anything anyone can think of. Actual legal advice strongly welcomed. I cannot afford a lawyer, but they know some good ones already.

I just really really don’t want to be out on the street with my wheelchair bound mother and my dogs in three months.

@thebibliosphere @deadcatwithaflamethrower would you mind signal boosting this, I’ve no idea what recourse someone in this circumstance has, maybe one of your followers would?

Signal-boosting the actual fuck out of this.

Everyone? TO THE TUMBLR and spread the word, please.

I have no idea what help I might be but any of you followers on this one?