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Enigma 3.0 [Jan. 19th, 2018|07:18 pm]
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I decided to give I&E a once over and post the series to Ao3, which of course led to my rewriting Enigma almost completely. I’ve never been satisfied with that story, but I think it might just be done now. Fifteen fucking years later.

I’ll be posting it soon, but would anyone be able to give it a quick beta? The story hasn’t substantially changed, but I added a lot more dialogue, the last chapter is completely revamped and Kitiara gets her cameo back.

If you don’t know my AU it’s fine, this is the first part and all you need to know is the DL core books, Soulforge and probably a bit of Dalamar the Dark. Helps if you like slash.

Also I’m changing the name of the series a bit, since I was never happy with the old one: Ivory, Blood and Ebony.
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jadenvargen: “I think he did once try and kiss.. [Jan. 19th, 2018|07:08 pm]

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“I think he did once try and kiss R2-D2"-Anthony Daniels, actor of C-3PO. 

this took way too long sorry @droidhusbands
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This reminds me of the bit in the Protocols of the Elders of... [Jan. 19th, 2018|06:28 pm]
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This reminds me of the bit in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion where the Jews make sure everyone in the world would be happy forever and never consider overthrowing them.
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bronsonnorrismurphyisapeach: gothtimelord: Old fans welcoming new people to a fandom: IVE NEVER... [Jan. 19th, 2018|05:23 pm]

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Old fans welcoming new people to a fandom:


Oh perfection
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english-history-trip: Macbeth: [Jan. 19th, 2018|06:23 am]
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madmaudlingoes: eshusplayground: tikkunolamorgtfo: ohmyamysant... [Jan. 18th, 2018|04:43 pm]

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。◕‿◕。 (x)

The more I think about it, the more I want Amy to convert to Judaism for Jake. Not because I have any issues with their relationship, but because I think it would be a ~hilarious~ plot line.

Jake is a secular Jew whose connections to Judaism are more cultural than anything else. Meanwhile, Amy is the most intense pupil/researcher on the planet who has never half-assed anything in her entire life. Can you even imagine how seriously she would take Judaism and her conversion and how much that would drive Jake up the flipping wall?

Imagine Jake buying that one T-Rex menorah and Amy telling him they can’t use it because it’s not a kosher Chanukiah. And Jake’s like “huh? What? It’s a dinosaur, Amy, not a pork chop.”

Imagine Jake offering to sound out the Hebrew in a siddur for Amy with his remedial Aleph-Bet skills to discover she’s already mastered how to read the letters without vowels and is also becoming proficient in modern conversational Hebrew.

Imagine Amy hosting a THE PERFECT Seder (that Charles has enthusiastically cooked for after learning all about kosher laws, having his kitchen completely kashered, and making a menu that includes Jewish cuisines from around the world) that Jake ruins after being caught eating doughnuts in the bathroom because he hates matzah.

Bonus points if Amy finds out she descends from Sephardim and lectures Jake about his Ashkenazi centrism!

Just…imagine how amazing that would be. Please.

C’mon, B99, the episode writes itself!

(Bonus: Holt tells Wuntch, “You think this obsession with legalistic technicalities will dissuade me, Madeline? Try again. I’ve read the Talmud. The entire Talmud.”)

Scene: Jake is picked up Amy at shul after her conversion class. She comes bouncing out with a binder the size of her torso. The rabbi staggers out after her, a little wild-eyed, and just says emphatically to Jake, “I like her.”

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My DNA Shocks Nobody [Jan. 18th, 2018|04:23 pm]

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My stepdad is super into genaeology and, having exhausted all leads in his own blood relations, he’s started researching my mother’s family tree, very enthusiastically. They got me one of those “map your DNA” kits for Christmas, and since it wasn’t the super creepy one that sells your results to insurance companies, I went ahead and did the test. 

It turns out I’m white. Like, really white. 

I was kind of hoping for a surprise of some kind, but I am as white as the skin under my freckles. I am roughly 1/3 Scandinavian (Dad) and 1/3 German (Mum), with the remaining third mostly English/Irish (Dad and Mum together!) 

And there’s just a dash of Mediterranean and Ashkenazi Jewish thrown in for lols. 

I knew some Ashkenazi would show up, because Mum got that in hers, but the Mediterranean is interesting. It’s from Dad, because it doesn’t show up in Mum’s DNA work, but it’s only 5%. I suppose there’s an Italian to blame. 

The greatest comedy of this is, as my very Norwegian stepfather pointed out, he and I have more ethnically in common than he has with my mother. 

My family once tried to map their family tree, and we found out out great-grandfather was Spanish. That was cool so they carried on, but slowly realised the family was coming from further and further south, and getting darker and darker. They stopped before we actually jumped the straits of Gibraltar.
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The crossover we all needed [Jan. 18th, 2018|03:53 pm]
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The crossover we all needed
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My parents don’t [Jan. 17th, 2018|08:08 pm]

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Please reblog this if you think “They” can be used as a gender-neutral singular pronoun for something. I’m trying to prove this to my ignorant parents.

Please please please don’t scroll past this

I’m an English teacher. They as singular is in all my textbooks. Tell them to go back to school.
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unclewhisky: theshadiertwin: unclewhisky: vastderp-placeholder... [Jan. 17th, 2018|04:09 pm]
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holy shit.

For the win


I kinda doubt this is a real Seuss quote, but I like the idea behind it nevertheless.

It’s a real Seuss quote.

…huh! I stand corrected.

Here’s a pdf. I gave up halfway through and started reading out loud, it’s just so satisfying. Reading Dr Seuss is the literary equivalent to popping bubble wrap.
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