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abandonedandurbex: This perfect replica of an abandoned cabin... [Jul. 18th, 2018|10:49 am]

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This perfect replica of an abandoned cabin fits in the palm of your hand [1952x2056]
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gehayi: littleprincessray: megsmerizing-allurement: grawlboy: ... [Jul. 18th, 2018|10:34 am]

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Lol savage

I no longer believe in the human race.

This is the laziest shit ever

How lazy can humans get?

Have you never met white ppl?

I didn’t realise only white people lost mobility due to age, physical disability or degenerative illnesses.

Because the target market for this product are those people who are disabled or lack mobility. You are literally mocking people who cannot for whatever reason do something you take for granted and then packaging it up as a race issue.

anyways, yall who commented before this last person need to be more careful and remember that uh disabled people exist 🙂

(This is not directed to krispythinkings or rambling-serkstan)
I had to put my grandfather’s socks and shoes on for him for years and sometimes he would get really mad about needing my help.
His legs were paralyzed, so, in order to get his feet into his socks and shoes he would have to use both hands to pull his whole leg up to get his foot off the floor so I could slip the sock on over his foot and then I had to make sure it was on right (I’m autistic and I often put things on backwards, inside out, or sometimes in the case of shoes i put them on the wrong feet).
It was really difficult for him to do this because he was in a ton of pain.

I wish I’d known this existed back then cus he would’ve loved it. It would have helped with our morning struggle so much. He wouldn’t have needed help with his socks at all.
This thing is designed so the weight of your leg will put the sock on for you.
Being able to put your own socks on may seem like a small thing to some people but when you can’t take care of yourself without help; things like these can help you maintain at least a little bit of control over yourself. And it can help you feel a little more independant.

I’m not saying that ppl who need help putting on clothes (or with taking care of themselves in any capacity) are a burden either, (Hint: we aren’t a burden) but I definitely feel like a burden whenever I cannot do something that allistic, neurotypical, or abled people can do by themselves because of this kind of attitude.
Products like this can help with that.

Typically any product that you see in infomercials that looks like its designed for “lazy people” is actually designed for disabled people.
But they market to a wider audiance to make more money.

AND BEYOND THAT; why the fuck do yall care so much about how someone else chooses to put their socks on???
Get a fuckin hobby.

… i need this for my bad fibromyalgia days

This would be so helpful for low spoon days holy moly. One of the reasons I don’t wear socks

I could use this on days that my legs are stiff, swollen and achy, thanks to lymphedema tarda. (Yes, that’s a disability. In my case, a genetic one.)

Also, to able bodied people who want one because they are feeling lazy and want a small labor saving device- thank you! The more demand for these things the more easily available they will be for everyone!
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subbyp: annethecatdetective: diemarysues: serenbach86: grumpy... [Jul. 18th, 2018|10:34 am]

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The worse the explanation, the better.

Shipping with no romance.

@filigranka  @theblackpanther  @ladycressa   @andromedamirtle

Two people sitting in one room and talking.

@bluemousieng @acastleintheclouds @szmaragdrac @mostly-void-partly-stars

Person panics and moves into the most boring city in a whole country.

(no tagging cos we’re to tired)

I’m currently trying to work on four projects at once, so let me summarize: some people write letters, some people die, some fake their death, and some are resurrected by elves.

(I’m not tagging anybody, most of my writer friends have already been tagged above)

The number of the fics I’m working on is reaching the infinity - but hey, I finished Tibi et igni! - and most of them are drabbles. And you know it, @merryloon. ;)

But, to play - in one of them, in next chapter someone finally gets the insurance money for their business losses. Y’all know who. ;)

An accidental meeting with an ex goes terribly wrong. (Haha, that’s actually pretty accurate XD)

@sayonaramidnight, @rannadylin, @queen-scribbles, @serenbach86? Come join the fun!

Someone thinks too deeply about pyjamas.

@stormew @emsiecat @diemarysues @mr-smith-i-need-you …?

Only if you want to of course!

Pairing pulls into a rest stop on their road trip and have a bath

tagging without obligation, @heyerette, @atomicblonde, @lesbiankiliel

because I started a new thing since the last time I reblogged this (like a FOOL):

But if you’re gay, and I’m gay, then who’s going to take down the mob?

A biologist somehow manages to live for thirty-odd years without realizing what sexual attraction actually is.

How many ways can I piss off HP Lovecraft until he’s spinning so fast in his grave we can use him to power a small island nation.
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Shipping Headcanons! Send Numbers & Ships! [Jul. 18th, 2018|10:34 am]

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Who cooks?

Who’s the messiest? The cleanest?

Who fixes the vehicle after a breakdown?

Living space has a leak! Who fixes it?

Who buys the groceries?

Going out to eat: Who pays? Who orders the most food? And who has dessert?

Would they go to the beach?

Who knows how to swim? Who doesn’t?

Is someone multilingual? Do they try to teach another language to the other? How does it go?

Any pets? Or plants?

Baths or showers? Together or separate? Any bubbles or bubble fights?

Can they stand silence? Who talks the most? Who talks the least?

Who stays up late? Who sleeps the most? Does the other have to force them to sleep/wake up?

Who is the highest maintenance? Does the other mind?

Vacation ideas: who decides them? Where would they go, if anywhere?


How often do they have sex, if at all?

Who brings ideas? Who initiates?

Any kinks they clash on?

Oddest place they’d have sex?

Favourite positions?

Dom/top? Sub/bottom? Any switches?

Genital headcanons?

Favourite erogenous zones?

Quickest turn ons? Immediate turn offs?

First to orgasm? Last to orgasm? Who comes the most? Does someone ever end up unfinished?

Favourite romantic gestures during sex/orgasm?

How are their afterglows?

Who’s loud? Who’s quiet? Does one try to make the other louder/quieter? How?

Lights on or off? Do they look at each other? Or is someone embarrassed?

Open or closed relationship? Do they sometimes share?

Newmann! (I might not get to these until tomorrow, but go for it)

(I know I’ve answered a lot of these for Newmann in the past but ask me about any of my other weird ships!)

Mostly Dragonlance atm but hey.
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talieclandestine: mababees: writing-prompt-s: Your church-going, God-worshipping sister adopted a... [Jul. 18th, 2018|10:29 am]

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Your church-going, God-worshipping sister adopted a small child and you’re excited to see them. But when you do, the child is a menace. They’re throwing things everywhere, setting furniture on fire with seemingly nothing, chanting in Latin to summon demons, but the weirdest thing is that your sister doesn’t seem to mind.

“You literally adopted the antichrist, Anne. What the fuck.”

“Yeah, I knew when I saw him at the orphanage. I figured if the kid had some decent fucking parenting that we could avoid the whole ‘Revelations’ shite. Nasty business, that.”

George, who’s name has been kindly changed from Damien, approaches his new mother with a huge spider in his hands. It promptly bursts into flames.

“Good job, love. Now go find the rest.” George’s face makes no expression, but his eyes shine when he recieves a pat on the head for his efforts.

As the months go by, George seems to settle down. He adjusts to school, friends, and the positive reinforcement Anne gives him. She encourages the good he does, even though the powers he uses aren’t “good”. When she gets calls from the school, it’s about a rambunctious boy that won’t sit still. Not a destroyer of the world and innocence.

It’s at Christmas dinner, that you let slip your amazement to your mother. How good Anne is for him and how he’s improved a lot. Still summoning hellhounds for games of fetch, though.

“Oh, he’ll forget how to do that when he falls in love the first time,” Your mother laughs, smiling wide.

“How do you know that,” you ask bewildered.

“Because, you did.”

Good Omens.
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While I 100% support Americans who are horrified by what is going on in their country. Please can we [Jul. 17th, 2018|10:09 am]

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While I 100% support Americans who are horrified by what is going on in their country. Please can we not insinuate Putin or Trump being in a gay relationship? It’s rooted in homophobia and is a sick and tired old cliche. Let’s be more creative people.
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The Room. Keep Tommy Wiseau. [Jul. 16th, 2018|03:24 pm]

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The Room. Keep Tommy Wiseau. https://t.co/5poKCRsp6G

— Hal Lublin (@hallublin) July 16, 2018
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verymaedhros: lady–of–greenwood: thelil [Jul. 16th, 2018|01:59 pm]
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#are you ever just like#really glad u saw something while sober#bc i have a very strong feeling that if i had watched this while i was high i would have spontaneously burst into tears

hooooooo the comments say it’s cgi and I must admit I was dubious of the physics but I’m on mobile and I go off certain kinds of context cues really intensely so the shakycam and the natural movements of the bystanders got me and I was like “huh I wonder why I haven’t seen these before. must be in Russia or some other country where there’s fewer safety regulations I guess”

I was on board until I saw that one that shot everyone up into the fucking storm clouds

these are very literally straight from my nightmares

this is what hell would look like for me I’m sure

this is incredible

I’m pretty sure someone recorded my dreams. They run on exactly these laws of physics and I’ve definitely been on some of these rides.
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tiredstarks: kayvsworld: I woke up and suddenly I think [Jul. 16th, 2018|01:44 pm]

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I woke up and suddenly I think spiders are alright???? I’ve been deeply deeply terrified of spiders since I was like,,,,3,,,where did this come from…..spiders are friends and I want to know much more about them I need to learn to identify types of them

God I wish that were me

Sometime things just go click in a weird way. I hated parmasan cheese for ages than one day on a ferry I was like “I’m getting the salad with ALL THE PARMASAN.” And since then I kinda like it.
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gallusrostromegalus: ainawgsd: sca-nerd: sca-nerd: sca-nerd: ... [Jul. 16th, 2018|12:49 pm]

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Sometimes I photoshop our fighters onto yorkies like they are riding them into battle.

This one might be my favorite. This one is also my Knight.

These truly capture the majesty of these noble steeds.

@vampireapologist this looks like something you’d enjoy
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