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symbrockanne:okay but like, AU in which venom came back the way Groot did, a tiny vulnerable baby... [Oct. 15th, 2018|06:14 pm]

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okay but like, AU in which venom came back the way Groot did, a tiny vulnerable baby symbiote with the old venom’s memories and personality but very very tiny and helpless. and Eddie has to bond with and take care of this small helpless confused goop and it’s just. adorable.

I am 100% here for this.
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When the People have Nothing to Eat - Skull_Bearer - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own] [Oct. 15th, 2018|04:34 pm]
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When the People have Nothing to Eat - Skull_Bearer - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]:

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Venom (Movie 2018)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Eddie Brock/Venom Symbiote
Characters: Eddie Brock, Venom (Marvel)
Additional Tags: Murder, Climate Change, Climate crimes, Murder Husbands, American Politics, Eating, Cannibalism

Eddie and Venom decide to make dinner time political.

My contribution to the alien murder husbands trash party.
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Who would like me to write a fic about Symbrock eating the President? [Oct. 15th, 2018|02:29 pm]
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Who would like me to write a fic about Symbrock eating the President?
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I hope in ten years we’ll recognise the pure joy [Oct. 15th, 2018|01:34 pm]

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I hope in ten years we’ll recognise the pure joy of Venom and the absolute shittiness of Infinity War.

If they were cars they’d been a sleek black corvette versus a cement truck filled with purple shit.
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elidyce: mycravatundone: aquarianconstellations: mycravatundone: mycravatundone: a girl i know... [Oct. 15th, 2018|03:19 am]

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a girl i know told me how a guy she knows once moved out from his parents, ate nothing but fries and meatballs for HALF A YEAR, and got scurvy. imagine the doctor’s face when this guy shows up with like his gums bleeding and the doc has to fucking say DUDE…. THATS SCURVY…. in this day and age

this is turning into a “how a person i know got scurvy” thread and im so here for this, please share your scurvy stories if you have any

the other day someone posted pics from the reddit page r/zerocarbs where these fools only ate meat and 0 vegetables or fruits and all the posts were about various symptoms of scurvy. i died when one literally read ‘i don’t want to start the vitamin C debate again but’


My mother told me all about scurvy when I was five and trying to resist eating pumpkin and let me tell you it’s been 35 years and I still get nervous if I go for two days without eating a green vegetable. 

I told my own little picky eater about scurvy, rickets etc and now one of her most frequently requested lunch items is baby spinach, closely followed by carrots.

I’m not saying everyone should mildly traumatize their children to make them understand that vegetables are vital to ongoing possession of your teeth and organs, but.. no, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Go for it. 

I mean it’s wrong to lie about stuff to get kids to behave, but I see no lie here.
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skibump724: waffl3jones101: satanic-princess: thefingerfucking... [Oct. 15th, 2018|03:04 am]

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omfg that is just too adorable

This kitteh having a little halloween adventure is one of my favourite posts of all time :)

Every fall like clockwork this photo set pops up and we all must reblog it

You know it’s getting close to Halloween when you see it appear :D

This will always be one of my favorite comics ever. It gives me warm fuzzies~

my heart….

Oh little baby kitty ❤️

Always reblog for Halloween.
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Fanfic Ask Meme [Oct. 15th, 2018|02:49 am]

via https://ift.tt/2ROOYhh

A: How did you come up with the title to [insert fic]?
B: Any of your stories inspired by personal experience?
C: What character do you identify with most?
D: Is there a song or a playlist to associate with [insert fic]?
E: If you wrote a sequel to [insert fic], what would it be about?
F: Care to share a favorite hurt/comfort fic?
G: Care to share a favorite crack fic?
H: How would you describe your style?
I: Do you have a guilty pleasure in fic (reading or writing)?
J: Write or describe an alternative ending to [insert fic].
K: What's the angstiest idea you've ever come up with?
L: What's the weirdest AU you've ever come up with?
M: Got any premises on the back burner that you'd care to share?
N: Is there a fic you wish someone else would write (or finish) for you?
O: How do you begin a story--with the plot, or the characters?
P: Are you what George R. R. Martin would call an "architect" or a "gardener"? (How much do you plan in advance, versus letting the story unfold as you go?)
Q: Do you have any discarded scenes/storylines/projects?
R: Are there any writers (fanfic or otherwise) you consider an influence?
S: Any fandom tropes you can't resist?
T: Any fandom tropes you can't stand?
U: A pairing you might like to write for, but haven't tried yet.
V: A secondary (or underrated) character you want to see more of in fic?
W: Do you like more general prompts, or more specific ones?
X: A character you enjoy making suffer.
Y: A character you want to protect.
Z: Major character death--do you ever write/read it? Is there a character whose death you can't tolerate?
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amarantae: :D [Oct. 14th, 2018|03:04 pm]

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misteryada: odric-master-swagtician: loafed-beans: ethereal-in... [Oct. 14th, 2018|06:49 am]

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What’s funny is that this actually happened. 

I’m unfamiliar with this story please elaborate

Finnish soldier gets separated from the rest of his unit but he’s the only one carrying the emergency amphetamines for the unit, takes too many and goes on a one man rampage for like 2 weeks straight giving the opposing Soviet soldiers nightmares for decades. Oh and he did it all on skis. 

Did he survive?

Yes, during his methed up 2-3 week rampage he got injured by a land mine, travelled 400km on skis, and only ate pine buds and a Siberian Jay that he caught which he ate raw. When he made it back to Finnish lines he was taken to a hospital where it was found his heart rate was nearly 200 beats per minute and his weight had dropped to 43kg (94.7lbs).

His name was Aimo Koivunen if you want to look him up

Those are the eyes of a man who has seen god and laughed

WTF was happening during that war was it just god finally getting revenge on Stalin?
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i-tried-and-i-loose: smallest-feeblest-boggart: THE FUCKING... [Oct. 14th, 2018|06:39 am]

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