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dutchster: april-polyverse: april-polyverse: Dunno if anyone outside the UK has noticed, but... [May. 23rd, 2019|08:10 am]

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Dunno if anyone outside the UK has noticed, but Britain in the last week has decided that tipping milkshakes over fascists is what we do now.

To the point that McDonalds were asked by the police to stop selling them, and it didn’t help at all.

Someone with a gourmet giant shake today just drenched Farage and he looks like a sad milky weasel. Blessed day.

Nigel Farage was stuck in his bus unable to get out because people with milkshakes surrounded the bus. 
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someoneintheshadow456: dreamers-queen: vaspider: willow-wanderings: draconym: I often work with... [May. 21st, 2019|03:27 pm]

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I often work with children and it makes me kind of sad when I’m at work and I start talking to a small child and their parent says something like, “oh, she’s sixteen months, she can’t understand you.”

Like, 1. I know what a toddler is and 2. not with that attitude she won’t.

I started speaking full sentences at 11 months. They were extremely simple sentences, e.g. “I wanna banana!” but they were full fucking sentences.

My pediatrician attributed my “precociousness” to the fact that my mom actually… y'know, TALKED to me, lol. My mom was treating me like an actual entire person, so I learned fast!

Basically anyone who has the attitude of “my kid isn’t old enough for X so no one should try” is going to significantly stunt their child’s development and should be put in time out until they learn to be a less shitty parent.

I knew the entirety of ‘Take Me Home Country Roads’ by the time I was 18mo old, and would sing it whenever no one was stopping me from singing it.

I’ve also known kids who didn’t speak until they were 3, but then started speaking suddenly in full sentences, because adults had been talking to them the whole time. 

Kids are wild.

Kids are people, adults should learn that.

I see this attitude with autistic and disabled kids as well but in a different way, like parents with autistic children say “they’re autistic, they’ll never learn anything or be like other kids, there’s no point in teaching them and they won’t understand.” 

And that leads to autistic kids never being able to integrate or manage because everybody just collectively gave up on them. 

I talk to the kids in my classes constantly. Yeah, they don’t understand most of the time since this is their second language and they’re six, but still. maybe one day they’ll realise their teacher is making non-stop meme references.
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infernalpume: I always find it funny when books like [May. 21st, 2019|03:27 pm]

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I always find it funny when books like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson get crap for being ‘witchcraft’ and ‘anti-christian’ but you know who no one ever talks about? Phillip Pullman and his masterpiece His Dark Materials trilogy. Some of you may recognize the first book’s title, The Golden Compass from the awful movie adaption, but seriously those books are so so good and full of badass witches rebelling against the vadican for mutilating children, gay ass angels who join the rebellion so they can be free to love each other, an ex nun who escapes the oppression of the church to pursue a life of science, a little girl who is so good at manipulating she overthrows an entire empire in one day, and a 12 year old boy who murders god with a knife

Oh yeah and the BBC is making an adaptation.
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mushroomsandteeth: sludgebf: eddie: *carries a can of mace in one pocket and a can of cheez whiz in. [May. 21st, 2019|07:31 am]

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eddie: *carries a can of mace in one pocket and a can of cheez whiz in the other but the cans are about the same size so he frequently loses track of which is which*

Can you imagine.

You, a mugger, trying to get this guys wallet and he just pulls a can of cheese wiz on you and sprays it at your face. Then covered in cheese produce you hear him arguing with an unseen voice calling him a dumbass. When you finally remove the cheese from your eyes Venom is just, there and you have to die knowing you were done in by some asshole and a can of cheese wiz

I perfect to think he has two cans and they are both bbq sauce because Venom like his condiments.
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Just Because Neil Gaiman Wrote Good Omens Doesn't Mean That We Have To Ask For His Permission To Wri [May. 20th, 2019|02:51 pm]

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also like. my good friends,,, idk how to break this to yall but.

Good Omens is bible fanfiction

Wait, there’s people who think we’re supposed to be asking permission from authors to write fanfic? Hold up lemme just grab my ouija board it’s been a hot minute since I last tried to channel Terry Pratchett’s rage into a fic…

Can you call up Jane Austen while you’re shuffling the ol’ planchette? I’m trapped in a weird Pride & Prejudice-style ambiguous courtship, and need the guidance of the OG herself.

She says make it burn harder and slower.

some of you have never heard about anne rice and it shows

I legit had to explain to someone the other day why some fics have disclaimers on them and I felt like the fucking crypt keeper.

Anne Fucking Rice is why we have fic disclaimers. But Fair Use means you dont have to ask for permission.

live. be free. write your fic friends! and send me the links!

Neil Gaiman supports fanfic and is entirely on our side. If he wants to find our fanfic he’ll do a search on Ao3 like everyone else.
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lesbwian: [May. 20th, 2019|07:11 am]

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Re-introducing Waterfall.social! [May. 20th, 2019|05:21 am]
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Six months ago, we launched our site. It was small, a few bugs here and there, but people liked it. Some of them stuck around, giving feedback and encouragement, and six months on, we’re proud to show it to you once more!

Developed solo over the course of six months, Waterfall is built from the ground up to provide a familiar, functional experience, focusing on creators and community, taking all the good bits from Tumblr and making them worth using, quickly becoming the fastest growing alternative over the last six months!

Waterfall is easy to use if you just want to blog and share neat stuff. If you’re an artist, Waterfall features a constantly evolving system to ensure that you’ll be credited for your
work. If you upload art, and someone tries to upload it later? It’s
automatically converted into a reblog of your original post. Someone
steals it anyway, or you see something that breaks the rules? Don’t worry - all
reports are manually reviewed, with an average response time so far of less than six hours from report to the content or blog being removed.

Perhaps most importantly, there’s no company behind Waterfall - it’s fully independent, with no shareholders to please. Just one guy and a couple volunteers keeping an eye on the content. This means no ads all over the place, and no decisions made to sell anything to you. Every single core feature of Waterfall is free, and will be forever, and we’ll never monetise your stuff.

The site is still in development, but we already have a ton of the most important features you could want!


Sideblogs! Want to keep content seperate? Each has their own follows and likes list. You can also send asks from them instead of your main blog!

Have a blog dedicated to a certain focus as your main that you’ve gotten bored with? It’s easy to switch your main blog to another.

Works on mobile! The browser version has very few issues on mobile, and a dedicated app is under development.

Dashboard skins! Don’t like our colour scheme? Pick a different one. More are on the way, and you’ll soon be able to create your own.

Prevent personal posts from being reblogged just by adding a simple tag (#dnr or #do not reblog)!

Blocking! The system is constantly iterated on as workarounds are found.

Worried the staff aren’t active and don’t know what’s going on? Let’s put that to rest.

A community Discord! Find blogs, report bugs, and get help directly from the staff.

Manual report reviews! Your salad won’t be flagged for nudity.

staff and development team! Reports are usually reviewed and acted on
in less than 6 hours hours, and bugs are fixed within an average of 36
hours from report to resolution. Patch notes are transparent on what’s
fixed, and the kind of reports we get are published every quarter (the
latest one is here!)

And lastly…

Free and no wait list!

That’s not all! The site is still in heavy development, with the following slated to be added within the next two months:

Commission marketplace! Currently being tested amongst a handful of volunteer artists, you’ll be able to use us to find customers and, optionally, protection against scammers.

Frequent Images! Have a sprite or meme you use a lot? No need to keep reuploading it, the post editor will keep it handy for you.

Comments and drafts!

Queue overhaul! Don’t just post once per hour, control it down to the minute.

Pools! Follow an entire topic instead of just a blog.

Blog Themes! Select users are trying out the beta now.

Polls! No need to link to strawpoll anymore, it’ll be built in to the site.

Like the site? A Tumblr importer will be available in a matter of days.

Interested in trying Waterfall?
Our Terms of Service are here, our Privacy Policy here, and Community Guidelines here.

Feel free to check us out!

If po-rnh//ub buys tumblr maybe we should migrate here folks

i went ahead and made an account cause why not? same name as here, illumimommy!

worth a shot. I’m on there as skull-bearer
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systlin: caram3lk1ng: systlin: systlin: systlin: systlin: systlin: Spoiler culture and people... [May. 19th, 2019|02:26 pm]

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Spoiler culture and people obsessing over ‘twists’ is honestly just. Fucking exhausting, and is gonna keep fucking up media until people realize this.

I casually mention something about Black Sails at work…a show, you will note, that has been out and finished for several years…and two people yell “Don’t say anything! I haven’t watched that yet I don’t want spoilers!”

My dudes. Bro. My guys. That show was concluded two years ago. I’m gonna talk about it and if you knowing that Captain Flint finds the Urca wrecked at the end of season 1, which has been out since 2014, ruins the experience for you, well, how’s about you go and fuck yerself, K?

I have re-watched Lord of the Rings approximately 300 times, after reading it about 500 times, and you know what?

 I still enjoy it even when I’ve got every scene basically memorized.

I had one co-worker tell me not to spoil the end of Spartacus for him.


Like, my man, if it happened in 71 BCE, I don’t think it CAN be spoiled. 

But anyway, when you have directors so obsessed with keeping absolute plot secrecy that they literally do not tell the actors what is going on in the movie they are making you are GOING to have negative impacts on the performance of the actors and the quality of the end product.

And when you have ‘twists’ just for the sake of twists, it sometimes (often) isn’t gonna make a goddamn bit of fucking sense.

And if you ask me not to ‘spoil’ a historical event that took place literally two thousand goddamn years ago, I may have to slap you.


I would like to be ten again and not already know how sixth sense ends. Just saying some people were born yesterday and you are spoiling it for them💯

If something came out more than a year ago, I am going to talk about it. It is not my job to ensure that I carefully never talk about pop culture in public because I might give away a plot point for a movie that’s been out for ten years.

If you want to watch something that has been around for ages without being spoiled, watch it now. Because otherwise you’re going to pick up things via cultural osmosis. It’s just going to happen. That’s on you. Not me or my buddies over here chatting about the Lord of the Rings and Gollum taking the ring and falling into Mount Doom.

And also, if you can’t enjoy a story even knowing how it ends, it is not a very good story.

Here’s the thing, if something is actually good, then it doesn’t fucking matter how spoiled it is, because it’ll still pack a punch.

My parents didn’t like Star Wars. We never had it in the house (they did however like James Cameron, and my brother and I happily quoted Terminator 2 to each other aged 6 and 8 respectively). 

That meant I was 18 by the time I finally got to hear the iconic line ‘Luke, I am your father’.

Was I spoilered?

Was I heck. Do you know how many riffs, pisstakes, imitations and reference there was of that one scene? I grew up in the 90s ffs.

And yet, when i watched it- it still packed such a punch. Because it was well written, the characters acted the hell out of that scene, it had been well built up to and just felt right.
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Dr Who: And then, we will connect all the computers in the world together!Me: Yeah, we got that,... [May. 19th, 2019|01:56 pm]
via http://bit.ly/2WeIAVE

Dr Who: And then, we will connect all the computers in the world together!

Me: Yeah, we got that, it’s called the internet.

Dr Who: And computers will rule us all!

Me: Good.

Dr Who: It will be the end of all that you know!

Me: Again I see no downside.

War machines: 1966 internet takes over the world by means of the Post Office tower. Because that’s what people worried about in 1966.
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You *had* DID?? How does that work? [May. 19th, 2019|07:26 am]
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via http://bit.ly/2VvF0lz

I recovered. That happens.
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