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As for the series with V and Eddie taking care of the symbabies I have a request. After everyone get [Mar. 24th, 2019|04:42 pm]
via https://ift.tt/2CEzSF3

(Apologies since this isn’t quite what you asked for)

It was starting to dawn on Sleeper that he may have gone a bit too far this time.

It had just been- a point he’d wanted to make. To show them he wasn’t a child, a whimpering human infant, unable to do anything but eat and crawl and foul himself.

They had been in the stroller, crossing from one platform to the other. And Sleeper had known where they were going. It was obvious, he didn’t need to stay int he stroller with the other babies. 

So he’d hopped out, his host’s strong legs carrying him easily across the platform, turning his host’s sensitive ears away from the cries from his parents.

Then he’d jumped into the train, and the doors had closed, and they were gone.

His host’s eyes were weak, and Sleeper didn’t dare poke his head out to see with his own. He had no idea where they were going, but with every moment, his parents were falling further and further away.

He could do this. He- had done this before, right? The weeks in LIFE Foundation, when their parent had abandoned them. But even then, there’d been Agony and Scream, and he’d known the place.

He doesn’t know this one. The trains slows to a grinning halt and a voice warns for all passengers to disembark. Sleeper hovers, helplessly under a seat as the endless rows of feet clatter away.

If he stays, maybe his parents will find him. But maybe if he goes out, they’ll meet him on the way-

The lights in the train go out, and Sleeper dashes for the doors before he’s really aware of moving.

It’s the host. Stupid rabbit must be scared of the dark. He isn’t scared, not at all.

But it’s getting dark outside, the light turning from sunlight to dark gold as the streetlights come on. Sleeper wanders up the platform, and down again. It’s emptying fast, and he’s alone.

He- he wants his parents. Big, soft Eddie, warm and cuddly and holding him soft and safe. And even his other parent, welcoming coils slick and close, murmuring that they’re here and no one will ever hurt them again.

Sleeper lowers his head to his paws and wails, soft and squeaking. A low roar catches in his long ears, and he turns to see a floor-cleaning growling towards him. Sleeper tenses, he’s got to stay, he can’t run, has to stay so his parents can find him-

It comes closer, closer, so close the rabbit’s whisker tremble from the blast, and he breaks, bolts and runs and runs and runs until the world blurs into senseless colour and the host’s instincts envelop him complete and blind.

He comes back to himself some unknown time later, the little rabbit’s heart’s pounding ready to burst, sucking in air desperately. He has no idea where he is.

The street is dark and empty, rows of identical houses stretching away on either side as far as he can see. He’s crouched under a hedge, among the dead leaves and trash. A car passes by, a low engine moan and gone.

“Parents,” Sleeper whispers. “Where are you?” His voice is a squeaking wail.

As thought just adding to his misery, it starts to rain, a low, miserable drizzle haloing the streetlights, and damping his fur.

His host cannot cry, but Sleeper puts his head on his paws, and does his best anyway.
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lifeofcynch: amkrii: snapped-snape: seasons-gredence: seasons-gredence: seasons-gredence: have... [Mar. 24th, 2019|03:52 pm]

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have you ever seen the english subtitles for a chinese bootleg of harry potter and the chamber of secrets?




full album here

i can’t believe dobby invented hashtags

i don’t even care if you reblog it, i just need you all to look at that album for your own health

My boy snape saying what we’re all thinking

The dark lord

The four hogwarts founders

And my personal favorite

Giving early anime dubs a run for their Engrish.


If you every wondered where the DO NOT WANT meme came from, it’s from one of these filmatic trainwrecks; Backstroke to the West.
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Hey just a quick reminder [Mar. 24th, 2019|03:42 pm]

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Another quick reminder since i start seeing people saying “UwU both are good” in the tags and reblogs.

Reminder : it doesn’t matter how we portray them, they are dead so like let ppl have fun

But why does it matter dude I know it’s scientifically innacurate but ppl enjoying that innacurate version doesn’t have any negative applications???? Unless dinosaurs were brought back to life and ppl misidentified them or smthn it really has only negative impact keeping ppl from having fun with the fictional lizard dinos

It makes a big difference. People who make models for museums get passed over for projects because the owners don’t want to hear that their precious Jurassic Park lizards were actually weird birds, and “the public won’t get it anyway”. It makes a feedback loop so that even when people are presented with accurate depictions of past animals, they violently reject them. 

Scaly raptors are also a gift to the anti-evolution fanatics, who like to pretend that the rarity of big mainstream feathered dinosaurs is in some way indicative of conflict and confusion in the paleontology community. 

Also I get to tell my kids the dinosaurs did not die out and are still around today, which makes them all happy.
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In class today [Mar. 24th, 2019|03:42 pm]
via https://ift.tt/2OleyJt

Me: So! How many school lunches do you eat in a month? And how did you calculate that?

Class: *maths maths*

Student: One hundred and forty, Miss!

Me: *whut* Aaare yoooou suuuure?

Student: Yes miss!

Rest of class: o_0

Me: How about you show us how you got that?

Student: *marches firmly to the board* I have five meals every week, and times that by twenty eight is one hundred and forty.

Me: *trying very hard not to laugh* how many weeks are there in a month?



Student: OOOOH

Entire class: *cracks up laughing*
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kakushimiko: safelyendangered: heaven webtoon / website /... [Mar. 24th, 2019|12:27 pm]

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webtoon / website / facebook / twitter / patreon

I want to go to dog heaven 😫

Reminds me of that Twilight Zone episode where they guy won’t go into heaven if his dog’s not allowed.

(it turns out that was actually hell, and heaven totally allows dogs)
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LGBTQ+ Pro Shippers Exist [Mar. 24th, 2019|12:12 pm]

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Antis like to pretend we’re all cis and straight, so let’s correct that inaccuracy for them. I’ll start:

Hi, I’m Vi. I’m a queer nonbinary trans man and pro ship.

I’m Seth, I’m a pansexual trans man and I’m pro ship.

I am Kuro, I am a bi/pan person/gal who is currently questioning her gender and I am proship

I’m Bon Bon, I’m a panromantic asexual trans guy and I am very much pro ship!

Hi, I’m Mouse, I’m a grey ace panromantic nonbinary person and I’m pro ship!

Greetings, I’m Corrin - a pansexual, non-binary person and I am incredibly pro-ship.

I’m fandompolicersneedtostop, a bisexual woman who is pro-ship!

I’m Skull Bearer, and I’ve been Skull Bearer for longer than most antis have been alive, and you can ship whatever the hell you want.
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historicaltimes: Tanks on the streets of Bucharest during the... [Mar. 23rd, 2019|01:57 pm]

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Tanks on the streets of Bucharest during the Romanian revolution, 1989

via reddit

Wasn’t that the one where the state TV got taken over by rebels and went from ‘there is no war in Ba Sing Se Bucharest’ to ‘holy shit they’re breaking in’ to ‘okay, okay we’ve got control of the station now’ and the rebels kept up this ongoing commentary of where was safe to go for hours. 

Then they picked up the dictator’s son trying to flee the country and dragged him in and they guy was wearing the most eyescar fluorescent jogging outfit imaginable, like, he could have dressed as a clown playing the trombone and tries to unicycle out of there while wearing a placard saying ‘Hi, I am ‘dictator’s son!’ and been less noticeable. I’m pretty such he was visible from space.
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The Whole Wide World (Except For Me) - Skull_Bearer - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own] [Mar. 22nd, 2019|05:27 pm]
via https://ift.tt/2TTYhkK

The Whole Wide World (Except For Me) - Skull_Bearer - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]:

Chapters: 2/?
Fandom: Venom (Movie 2018), The Avengers (Marvel Movies)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death
Relationships: Eddie Brock/Venom Symbiote
Characters: Eddie Brock, Venom, Friday (Marvel), Tony Stark, Thanos (Marvel), Original Male Character(s), Original Female Character(s)
Additional Tags: Post-Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie), Post-Apocalypse, Canonical Character Death, Dark, Angst, fuck thanos, Democratic Executions, Battle, The People United Will not be Disintegrated
Series: Part 3 of Rousseau is Right

Eddie and Venom find themselves wandering the wreckage of the world after Thanos’ massacre, hunting for the one responsible.

Chapter 2- Scent. There are less than three billion people left in this world. All of them are going to Wakanda.
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ztrawberry:The Blues Brothers (1980) [Mar. 22nd, 2019|05:10 am]

via https://ift.tt/2UNUpOH


The Blues Brothers (1980)
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tredlocity: saw a comment on the thor ragnarok trailer [Mar. 22nd, 2019|04:24 am]

via https://ift.tt/2HR0LJv


saw a comment on the thor ragnarok trailer saying “i hope people realize that this is not an accurate representation of norse mythology” and i’m like oh shit did thor actually not fight the hulk while jeff goldblum watch in his pajamas in norse mythology??? damn i got it all wrong im such a dumb idiot

To be fair, Thor fought a fucking cat and lost while a whole bunch of giants laughed at him, got dressed as a woman in order to get married and rode a chariot pulled by goats. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jeff Goldbloom turned up at some point.
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