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Important, Canon facts about X6-88 - Mad Dogs and Englishmen [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Important, Canon facts about X6-88 [Jun. 13th, 2017|04:13 am]

via http://ift.tt/2sVYkLB:

-Absolutely terrified of heights
-Also hates flying
-And water, dude despises being wet
-Finds either babies or nurseries disturbing
-Has great pride in his work
-Probably has tried painting before, or he has creatively desecrated bodies. Considering his work is ‘hunt and return quickly’, it’s probably the painting.
-Gets super giddy over power armour. Just listen to all of his lines they’re so cute.
-Likes it when you stand up for synths over humans.
-Seems to hold a decent amount of respect for Danse, strangely enough.
-Also prefers you standing up for Danse over completing what should be his work as a courser
-Constantly gushes over you at the institute to the point that every courser and Justin Ayo knows his opinion on you.
-Very dry, sarcastic sense of humour
-Tries his darnedest to show his sympathy to you when you show him your spouse

Things that are very definitely untrue, non-canon and 147937995% false about X6-88 that needs to die:
-Emotionless; he shows pride and excitement and fear in many repeating lines. He is also completely in awe of Sole by the final affinity talk
-Follows his ‘programming’ unquestioningly; he defies the institute by trying to befriend Danse and not betraying Sole and friends. His preference of you helping synths over humans (I.e. The synth art random event) is also against the 'synths are tools’ programming

Honestly I wish X6 was in FNV so he was safe from the ridiculousness of the Fallout 4 fandom.

I am writing a fic with him as as pov character and all of this is true.