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The problem with all the characters being minorities is when some of them have to die or be bad guys [Dec. 4th, 2016|07:52 pm]
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The problem with all the characters being minorities is when some of them have to die or be bad guys I’m wondering if I’m playing into stereotypes. Two lesbians get possessed and try and end the world but they’re portrayed sympathetically and kinda tragically I guess? A female character literally sacrifices herself to raise a God to protect her home and family and now I’m wondering if I’m killing too many female characters although I still have lots (including a native american head of antarctic research and a 100+ year old grandma). IDK it’s hard to try and redeem really racist worldbuilding.
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shadowvalkyrie: catie-does-things: literary-potato: mademoisellesarcasme: lollard: ihavealotoffe... [Dec. 4th, 2016|04:32 pm]

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If you were on Drunk History, what would you drink & what topic would you discuss?

6 bottles of wine and zora neale hurston 

Mojitos and the 1763 lacrosse game-turned-Indian-takeover of Fort Michilimackinac

Absinthe and Verlaine shooting Rimbaud.

gin & tonic and the lost generation or historical women writers OR the fucking Romantics and their shenanigans 

half a fifth of rye and the battle of hastings

margaritas and hurrem sultan

Gin/Earl Grey tea and the history of mining/oil booms in the US.

Rye and Ginger and 1970s sitcoms OR marriage equality campaigns in Canada, the US, France and Argentina

Pink wine and the WW2 defences of the City of London.

Tequila and the collapse of the medieval Italian banking system.

Gin and tonic and the history of mathematical logic 1879-1931.

Manischewitz and the turn-of-the-century Yiddish theater

Scorpion Bowl and the Great Molasses Flood of 1919

Malibu and Coke and the Plantagenets.

Bourbon, neat, and the desegregation of transportation from Ida B. Wells (1880s) through Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) through Brown v. Board (precedent, 1954) and Browder v. Gayle (actually ended segregated transport, 1956)

Scotch in any form and the history of church architecture from early medieval to early modern with nods to early Christian


Riesling and the English reformation

Whiskey&Coke and the role of women in the Crusades

Vodka and either the mechanics of court at versailles, or the Holocaust. Or possibly both. While shouting.
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shadowvalkyrie: batter666: illusionwaltz: How well do [Dec. 3rd, 2016|07:52 pm]

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How well do you see color?

I’m cry I scored 60, I feel blind

so everyone is aware, a lower score on this means a better score.

I scored zero. Clearly there is no medical excuse for my lack of taste in clothing and interior decoration combinations. XD

I got 0 too!
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I Hate It Here [Dec. 1st, 2016|03:31 pm]
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‘Fuck’ x 8,000
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whitmerule: machine-dove: skeletonmug: machine-dove: mymodern... [Nov. 29th, 2016|03:14 pm]
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Minimalistic Cartoons Reveal Differences Between Tourists and Travelers

Wow. This is some serious elitist (and ableist) bullshit right here

fuck that ablesit elitist bullshit. Like for real.

I’m not going to lie, the first time I went “travelling” by myself when I was 20 I bought in to this crap but I pretty quickly learned that there was little difference between a traveller and a tourist. The only real difference is duration of trip and even that’s not a given.

Even for able bodied people you find that many people who consider themselves “travellers” who shun tourist destinations actually all flock to the same places. Why do you think there are groups of travellers who have checklists of places they have “done”. This is why backpacking hostels exist.

Firstly there is a massive problem when people with a an absolute determined attitude to get off the beaten path do just that. If you increasingly have to seek places that are not filled with tourists it is inevitable that you will start forcing your way in to places that you just shouldn’t be. And once you have been there, more will follow turning that into yet another tourist trap. It happened to Everest (

Sagarmāthā) for goodness sake: a remote wild and giant mountain became over time the ultmate challenge for a traveller that had to “really feel special. And now the mountain is eroding from footfall and littered with literal human shit as well as dead bodies and discarded oxygen tanks PLUS the exploitation of local people and a complete disregard for the people and traditions of the area.

And that’s the second issue, the more people keep insisting that they have to go somewhere new and special, they start invading in natural places that can not sustain human interaction or (in some ways worse) making tourist attractions out of the ordinary lives of ordinary people that they have deemed to be sufficiently “exotic”. It’s pretty terrible for all concerned. And of course it’s no different than any other tourists going to any other attraction. You go in order to have whatever experiece it is you desire and more than likely will want to share that with people, if only afterwards or via the internet. 

The elitism takes two interesting forms:The first is in terms of simple opportunities. A lot of “travelling” takes more money than a lot of people have. It takes more time. It involves a level of organisation not available to everybody. That type of tourism the “off the beaten track” takes resources not available to poorer people or those with less education or in difficult situation. other words it becomes the preserve of middle and upper classes and takes on classic classism: Camping in unique locations and taking photographs with expensive equipment and doing “lifestyle experiences” are seen as better and more worthy than going to a beach to relax with friends. It’s snobbery.And that’s the second type of elitism, the belief that certain pursuits are inherently better than others. There are going to be things you like that other’s don’t. You may not like going to a busy city and sight seeing but that doesn’t make it less good than whatever it is you are up to with your expensive camera. And because of it’s ties with classism it end up being that 

X pursuit = Travelling = GoodY pursuit = Tourism = Trashy.

And what of the ableism. Well just think about those images above. What comes up again and again? Camping. Some people can’t camp. Camping is physically not available to them without a lot of accessibility accommodations. They may only be able to camp with a proper bed, level access, power (for medical devices) and accommodation for a carer.

That’s just not available in most places you are going to go camping, and even if it is it might be on a carefully managed tourist site. So you stay in a hotel or a B&B or a guest house if you want to ever go away (and even that isn’t without difficulty for a lot of people).

So what if I drove instead of hitchhiking or hiking. I CAN’T WALK. Or maybe I can walk but only short distances so we drive to the national park so that I have the ability to do a short walk and see some nature. Yes it would be great if I could walk further. You don’t have to remind me how much I would love to go hiking and climbing in the mountains again. It is wonderful to do and I would love to do it again. But it simply isn’t available to me or to many others.

Related to classism above what about education and intellect. Some people have learning disabilities, so people have not had the opportunity for a great education. Some people are restricted in what information is available to them. If all people want to do or know to do is go to a tourist destination that’s ok and not bad. They are not at fault or lesser than you who has managed to figure out the complicated process of booking travel and negotiating visas and guides to get to a remote village you read about in a photography magazine. 

It’s just as valid to go to Majorca with your friends because your hairdresser said it was fun as to go to the home of the beautiful artefacts you saw in a museum. Screw yours elitist, ablesist Traveller vs Tourist bullshit. 

Always remember: there is only one right way to enjoy things.

It also intersects heavily with misogyny. Note how many of the ‘tourist’ options are things either done or perceived to be done mostly by women:

Selfies- perceived to be female dominated.

Travelling in a group- more often done by women to remain safe.

Not hitchhiking- again, something women are discouraged to do due to dangers.
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In honor of making 50,000 and being on schedule for making 60,000, have a snippet [Nov. 25th, 2016|03:41 pm]
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The characters have just had to do a carjacking and are trying to get to White Sands before Azathoth eats everyone. Rudy is a human, Kai is a Deep One. Kai helped scare the people out of the car by screaming at them in Deep Tongue.

“I know.” Kai shrugs. “I just-”

“Hate this.” Rudy echoes. He gets a more gentle squeeze. “What did you say to them, when you were scaring them?”

“From the fire of the sea to the scarcity of the sky, I am so incredibly sorry.” Kai gives a huff of helpless humor. “It doesn’t translate well, it’s a lot more abject than that. It’s like a- ‘sorry I ate your kitten’ apology. I couldn’t think of anything else to say.”
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arkhamarchitecture: mysticben: benepla: railroadsoftw [Nov. 25th, 2016|05:21 am]

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“This turkeys so moist” my family says as I choke down the driest piece of food I’ve ever eaten in my life

thanksgiving tradition

are we all banding together and talking about how turkey is inedible is it finally time

I love op’s family that’s how you do it!!

boycott turkey, the worst tasting bird

Turkey drumsticks, basted in honey and rosemary. Try it.
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So I spent the day calculating how one would fly from Arkham to White Sands in a helicopter that... [Nov. 24th, 2016|02:11 pm]
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So I spent the day calculating how one would fly from Arkham to White Sands in a helicopter that doesn’t exist yet. Having never been to any part of the US. Or in a helicopter.
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Also, for my own reference, Rudy kinda looks like this [Nov. 22nd, 2016|04:28 pm]
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Also, for my own reference, Rudy kinda looks like this when he’s not being blown to disparate atoms by Elder Gods (this happens a lot):

That’s Okieriete Onaodowan, otherwise known as James Madison.
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A snippet from my Nano project [Nov. 22nd, 2016|04:28 pm]
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It’s a Lovecraftian thriller. I’m really proud of this snippet: meet Cthulhu.

It has laid there in the depth for billions of years. Cthulhu had come waking when the world was made, when the star- their star- had been white and dancing and so utterly alien. It had slumbered as it had cooled, settled into comfort and the middle age grind of turning hydrogen into helium and the world had cooled. And now- the star was right again. Hot, blazing, turning the world into living blood and fire, and the living beings within in nothing but living dust, watching, waiting, breathless in the airless world.

The doors open, something within stirs.

It is too large to possibly fit inside the building. A long claw scratches out of some great, forgotten door, tearing and parting the liquid ground and cutting a rivulet deep and wide enough for the Nile, the Amazon, those long-gone deities of water, to flow into and be lost. A tentacle long enough to coil about the world cracks and cracks, searching from a break into the swift-melting stone. A great eye the size of an ocean opens, with a tearing sound like birth of a new moon.

And something, far away, beyond the dying world and the dying star and the whole solar system slowly slipping into its dotage, something looks down at them.

The God, the no longer Dreaming God, turns eyes or something like eyes back up to meet that gaze, lifts itself in beatification from Its bed, Its city, Its tomb. The world around It bursts like a dandelion clock, Rudy flying into his component parts to join those thousand seeds of possibilities, flying into the void to grow.
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