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The moment when you realise Bulgakov’s Master [Sep. 27th, 2016|01:59 pm]
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The moment when you realise Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita is can be sorted under ‘Supernatural Romance’ and ‘Urban Fantasy’
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mushroomhobbit: Silly Weekend Art: Stony 80s throwback [Sep. 26th, 2016|02:54 pm]
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Silly Weekend Art:


80s throwback  Masters of the Universe AU. Captain America as He-man/Prince Adam, Tony as a cross between Bow and Teela, Fury as Man-At-Arms, Sam as the Sorcerer of Greyskull/Stratos, Carol as Princess She-Ra & Red Skull as Skeletor. Yep, 80s cartoon costumes. 

I’m seeing this as an awesome costume party Red Skull somehow got invited too.

Doom is probably here as Hordak too.
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Why are all my potential beta readers apologising for not being good at Italian food? What in blazes [Sep. 24th, 2016|10:34 am]

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Why are all my potential beta readers apologising for not being good at Italian food? What in blazes is SPAG anyway?
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I have been working on a very weird Harry Potter fic for the last few years. I got a few chapters... [Sep. 23rd, 2016|03:46 pm]
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I have been working on a very weird Harry Potter fic for the last few years. I got a few chapters finished and wondered if anyone would be interested in beta reading it?

There are no major pairings, and no sex. It’s an AU from 4th year and I haven’t seen anyone doing anything similar so far.
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GBBO silver lining [Sep. 23rd, 2016|03:30 pm]
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Frankly, if the BBC do manage to set up a rival Bake Off with Mary Berry, Mel and Sue and Nadiya Hussain, this whole debacle goes from ‘worse than Brexit’ to ‘blessing in disguise’.
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Het shipper: Grrr you slashers with your WHITE boys with their WHITE DICKS and all your WHITE... [Sep. 23rd, 2016|01:44 pm]
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Het shipper: Grrr you slashers with your WHITE boys with their WHITE DICKS and all your WHITE favs!

Het Shipper: *ships Steve/Sharon and Pepper/Tony*
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Tagged by @seaweedredandbrown for the writing meme:Is there a snack you like to eat while writing? I [Sep. 23rd, 2016|01:10 pm]
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Tagged by @seaweedredandbrown for the writing meme:

Is there a snack you like to eat while writing?
I don’t eat when writing? It sounds messy.

What time of day do you usually write?Usually nighttime, but I sometimes write on my evening commute too.

Where do you write?
In my room on my bed/chaise longe, in my husband’s room on the sofa, or on the train home.

How often do you write a new novel?
Erratically. I’ve written one so far, and I have a few more in the works. Then again there are my fanfics too, so I usually have a stable of a lot of stories so far.

Do you listen to music while you write?
Sometimes, more often I watch brainless or very familiar videos.

What’s your writing utensil? Paper or laptop?
Laptop or tablet.

Do you have a special pre-writing ritual?
Not really.

What do you do to get into the writing mood?
I set up a video (usually something historical and British, and soemtimes to do with food) and sits down and write.

What do you always have near the place you write?
Something to watch a video on, or listen to music at least.

Do you have a reward system for word counts?
Not really.

Is there anything else about your writing process your readers don’t know?
I sometimes wander around and rant about my plot if I’m alone in the flat.

Tag yourself!
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moiracolleenodell asked:Does Happy Family AU Newt ever encounter That Creature? For that matter,... [Sep. 22nd, 2016|03:22 pm]
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moiracolleenodell asked:

Does Happy Family AU Newt ever encounter That Creature? For that matter, does that Newt have his own version of That Creature?

The bluish, glutinous gloop fills the five tupperware containers Newt’s smuggled into the lab. He stacks them in his backpack then, on instinct, he fills a sixth and tucks it under his arm.

He was rather hunger, the slowly, irritating warning of his body. But then, he had been in the Anteverse longer than Hermann, and had more physical reserves than his lean, scrawny friend.

“Dinner is served!” Newt calls as he steps into their flat, kicking the door closed.

“Did you get take away again?” Hermann leans on the doorframe to the study, smiling indulgingly. “I cannot see what you see in that grease-”

“Nah, this is much better.” Newt pulls the top of the tupperware box, “Ta-dah!”

He knows, in the next heartbeat, that he’s made a hideous mistake. Something- snaps in Hermann’s eyes and they go still, flat. He feels it in the Hive, a sudden, breathless tautness. Newt forgets to breath, chokes, the tupperware going limp in his hand.

The small of raw, chemical clones kaiju fills the close air between them, Hermann’s mouth opens, the skin almost ground off, his myriad teeth razing through the frail humanity.

“Hermann-” Newt stutters- but it’s useless, he’s not speaking to Hermann anyone.

Newt is staring into the dead, murderous eyes of the Victor.

He barely has time to grasp the idea, before Hermann springs, and thought sort of- goes away, for a while.

Newt shrieks, and drops the tupperware, darting away to find somewhere- anywhere- to hide.

But there is nothing. the walls around him are all compassing, no ways out, no exits, he throws himself at what looks to be a hole and is simply bounced back by some cold, still surface.

The Victor tosses away the empty tupperware, its mouth is stained blue, shreds of false flesh hanging from its gaping jaws, clothes torn to rags around his long, lean, deadly body.

Newt whimpers, cowers into the crook of the wall, trying to make himself too small to be a threat.

The Victor hisses, claws extending, tearing up long lines of carpet. It pauses, tenses, crouching to spring.

Newt closes his eyes. He can’t bear to see it. The small fragments of him beneath the terror wonders what Hermann will do, when he comes to and realises what he has done.

The Victor lunges at him, and Newt screams in terror. The hooking, tearing claws catch into his bag, the straps snatch tight around Newt’s arms and he squirms desperately to free himself-

Then he’s free. The Victor sinks his teeth into the bag and drags it away. He rakes and tears at the leather, shaking it furiously.

He wants the food, Newt struggles to get the thought through to his panicked body, He’s just hungry.

He struggles, shudders for control of himself. Hermann whines. He’s hungry- he’s dying.

Newt forces himself forwards, manages a step, then another. The Victor coils himself around the bag and snarls a warning.

Newt stares at those endless rows of teeth, those huge claws. Newt shudders, longs to run, but flattens himself to the ground, not a threat, not a threat.

The Victor hisses. Newt reaches out, and pulls his bag open, pulling out the tupperware.

The Victor’s spines rise, the hissing rises. Newt quickly pulls the top off the tupperware and throws himself backwards.

But the Victor doesn’t seem to notice, seems to have forgotten Newt exists. He throws himself at the food, devours it in three desperate, greedy gulps. Having understood what to do, he shreds open the next box, and eats that too.

Newt watches from under the dining room tables as the Victor wolfs down one box after another, and finally, after the sixth box, he stumbles waveringly to his feet. Newt backs away again, but the Victor doesn’t seem to see him. Doesn’t seem to see anything. He wavers again, then collapses heavily to his side, stomach heavy ad distended under him.

Newt waits until the Victor’s breathing evens out into sleep, and finally creeps out from under the table. The Victor snorts suddenly, and he backs away, terror seizing him.

Newt huddles in under the table, and doesn’t dare move, resigning himself for a long, terrifying wait to see who wakes up in Hermann’s body.
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Kaiju transformation au: newt finds a way to change everyone back to human (and maybe Hermann goes b [Sep. 22nd, 2016|01:49 pm]
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Thousands have changed, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands. Kaiju Blue poisoning was eventually lethal, but the infection was their way out.

They hasn’t really been such a sense of urgency. The quarantines were holding, and were mostly being broken deliberately, and anyone who changed was at least stable-

And maybe Newt wanted to maintain an excuse, for as long as possible.

“I’m not going back,” He announces, slumping back on the bed.

“Where were you thinking of going?” Hermann rolls over, resting two right hands on his side.

“Well, back to human.” Newt cranes his head back, “It’s an option now.”

Hermann’s spines fall flat. “Oh,” he’s trying for pleasure, but it’s dull, hopeless.

Newt rolls over. “I’m not changing.” He says firmly. “I like being like this- and you can say you do too.”

Hermann’s spines perk up a little, he tucks his head into Newt’s shoulder.

“You’re beautiful.” Newt says softly. “Anyway, didn’t you pretend to have MS? That’s a pretty good excuse for not going back.”

Hermann nods, Newt strokes his beautiful, glossy back.

“And we won’t be the only ones,” Newt continues, “S’not just those with Kaiju Blue poisoning, it’s a way out for a lot of people with terminal things.”

And maybe, in time, however many years, there might be a community. Other people like them.
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Maybe it happens down the road if he's still around, but yith dad ends up giving hermann the Talk Re [Sep. 22nd, 2016|01:35 pm]
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“Pack your swimming costume.” Lars says absently as Hermann hovers, agonised, over his suitcase.

His head snaps up, but Lars is busy trying to pack thirty massive tomes into one shoulderbag. “It’s a bit cold.”

“Yes, but Deep One courting requires a lot of swimming.” Lars glares at the bag, as though willing it to expand. “Maybe a wetsuit?”

Hermann’s mouth opens, then closes. His face flushes.

“That was your intention, wasn’t it?” Lars glances at him, “Newt is a good catch, the son of a city leader would make anyone jealous- and Newt is a lovely boy.”

Hermann makes a thin, high pitched sound deep in his throat.

Lars finally turns away from the bag. “Is everything quite all right?”

Hermann has no idea how to answer that.

And oh no, Lars has that look. The one that suggests he wants to dig out those damned parenting books and find out what he’s doing wrong.

“It’s fine.” He says weakly.

“I am supportive.” Lars says quickly. “I understand the need for your- for companionship and sexual relations.”

Oh God. “It’s fine.” He says again, quickly.

“Maybe-” Lars gives him a worried look. “The books suggest a ‘talk’ of sorts, at your age- something about birds and bees- although what they have to do with anything-”

Hermann grabs his bag, and runs for the car.
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